Importance of Assessment Consistency for Students

Assessment has pretty much always been a part of students’ educational experiences. With different teachers typically taking different approaches to the assessment process, its effectiveness for students has varied. If you can institute some consistency in how your faculty completes and processes assessment, not only will it provide benefits for the larger institution, but you’ll
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Webinar Review: Addressing Exam Security Within an iPad Testing Environment

Recently, Dr. Beth Ennis, Associate Professor from the Bellarmine University Department of Physical Therapy, presented a webinar chronicling her experiences with exam security within an iPad testing environment. Dr. Ennis specializes in pediatrics and assistive technology, and has lead the her program in their quest to fully utilize ExamSoft. Here are some key takeaways from Beth’s presentation: Using
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The Importance of Releasing Rubrics to Students

If you are using the Rubrics feature within ExamSoft, you are probably considering releasing the full rubric and results to your students (or perhaps you are doing this already). The Rubrics feature in ExamSoft allows faculty and administrators to quickly and easily release the rubric, results, and comments to students within the system. This post
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5 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom is one of the most talked about subjects in higher education. Everyone has opinions about whether it’s helpful or disruptive, whether it’s too expensive or delivers enough ROI and value to be worth it, and whether it can really help students. Whatever you may think, students are on board. More than
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Question Creation in ExamSoft for Nursing Educators

My name is Aubrey Kintop, and I am an ExamSoft Account Manager for our incredible nursing education programs—one of the fastest growing verticals in our company! I work directly with nursing faculty members to share best practices, answer questions, and assist them with anything ExamSoft-related. I can’t wait to turn you all into ExamSoft question
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