Video — The State of Education

For over 16 years, ExamSoft has been working with hundreds of teachers to create a culture of assessment that changes the landscape of the classroom. Through embedded assessment and actionable data, we’re committed to helping clients solve problems and achieve institutional objectives, such as improving student learning, engagement, and retention, as well as curricular design,
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How Using CBT Can Help Student Performance on Professional Exams

Most of the professional certification exams students take today are administered on computers. The shift to computer-based testing for professional exams came about for several reasons. Computer-based testing can provide greater security, bring down costs, and simplify grading. Computers are also playing an increased role in many of the professional fields these exams represent; so
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Current Issues in Assessment – How Offline Testing Can Help

As in any industry, the world of assessment sometimes gets caught up in big changes and discussions. As a provider of secure electronic testing software and analytics for embedded assessment, ExamSoft takes an interest in the wider world of testing and assessment. The concerns and events that people are talking about help us stay up-to-date
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Are You in Bar Exam Panic Mode?

It’s July, and the bar exam is nearing closer. If you’re starting to panic because the date is only a few weeks away, you’re not alone. Nearly all students sitting for the bar exam feel this way in July. While the stress will certainly increase this month, there are ways to alleviate the anxiety. Here
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Video — AssessmentTA from ExamSoft

We get it – as an undergraduate educator you’re busy, and the last thing you need is to try to undertake yet another ‘project’ (ie: learning another piece of education software). But what of instead of creating more work for you, a software suite could not only do all your heavy lifting, but also give
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