Using Practice Exams for High-Stakes Exam Preparation

Licensure and accreditation agencies depend on high-stakes, licensure exams to determine a student’s readiness for the professional workforce. In order to measure which students understand core concepts and competencies well enough to take on the responsibilities of nursing, law, medicine and other high-stakes fields, they’re required to pass these exams. However, one of the criticisms
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The Top Seven Things I Loved About EAC 2015

I had the privilege to attend the first annual ExamSoft Users Conference last month in Lexington, Kentucky. The conference, abbreviated EAC for ExamSoft Assessment Conference, was attended by a couple hundred people from across the country in a variety of fields such as health professions, legal education, and even K12. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference
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How to Understand (and Use) Your Assessment Data at the End of the Semester

Assessment has always been about gaining insight into what your students understand. While the basic process of assessment has stayed fairly consistent over the years—tests still dominate in most cases—technology now produces assessment data that allows teachers to look more deeply into their test results and shape their courses for more effective learning. The end
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How to Get Students On Board with Computer-Based Testing

For an administrator in higher education, the success of every decision is dependent on the response and participation of two groups: faculty and students. We’ve discussed previously how crucial faculty acceptance is for a culture of assessment to pay off, but the cooperation of that second group is just as important. It’s easy for us
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ExamSoft Advocate Receives National Award for Innovation

ExamSoft client ambassador and advocate Dr. Sherry Jimenez, assistant dean for educational development at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MU-COM), received the Innovation in Medical Education Award for her work, “Implementing Embedded Assessment of Psychomotor Student Performance in Osteopathic Education and Research.” The award is given out by the American Association of Colleges of
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