Goal-Setting for Performance-Based Assessments

Educators, especially those at health science institutions, face many challenges with the creation, delivery, and grading of subjective, performance-based assessments. Through the implementation of ExamSoft Rubrics, many of these obstacles have been virtually eliminated. There is no longer a need to print hundreds of copies of rubrics for faculty members to grade, nor a chance
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Five Ways to Get Faculty Buy-In for a Culture of Assessment

From the moment you decide you’d like your school to embrace a culture of assessment to the point where it’s implemented, there’s a lot of work to do. One of the most important steps in the process is getting faculty on board with the idea. While it may be tricky, getting faculty buy-in is definitely
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How to Serve Nontraditional Nursing Students Well

With the worldwide nursing shortage, nursing schools must provide effective educational options to many nontraditional students. Some students will already be working as nurses, while others will be pursuing a career change. In addition, a significant number of prospective nursing students may live in rural areas where there’s no nursing school nearby. A Partial Solution:
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The Ohio State University — Perspectives on Creating Online GE Courses

As part of continued efforts to be on the forefront of innovation and educational technology the Psychology department at the Ohio State University is changing how it assesses students. A new iPad testing center has been created by the College of Arts and Sciences for using ExamSoft to deliver assessments to undergraduate students. Students participating
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How Low-Stakes Assessment Leads to Better Learning

Few students enjoy the high-stakes exams they regularly have to face to get through high school and college. They prepare for them, sit through them, and wait anxiously for the scores that may or may not play an important role in their future—but every step of that process is tied more to necessity than a
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