ExamSoft Update: Announcing the ExamSoft Assessment Conference

This week, ExamSoft officially announced our first ever conference – the 2015 ExamSoft Assessment Conference (EAC). I caught up with ExamSoft’s VP of Marketing, Ken Knotts, and asked him to share a little information about why ExamSoft decided to host our own conference, and what attendees can expect to take away from the meeting: The
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Strategies for Peer Review in Higher Education Assessment

Peer review is treated like a sacred concept in academia. The importance of having data and conclusions backed up by trustworthy peers is a cornerstone of what academics consider quality. It’s what separates academic research from the more unreliable sources common in the media and on the Web. Because of all the trust and confidence
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iPads in Higher Education: Maintaining Exam Security in a BYOD Culture

Some faculty members may still find students’ fiddling with smartphones in class distracting, but tablets are a different story. Tablets, especially iPads, have been embraced in higher education throughout the country since they were introduced into the market a few years ago. The educational benefits of iPads include the following: • They’re portable enough to
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Writing Multiple Choice Questions that Measure Higher Order Thinking

Why are multiple choice questions one of the most popular types of items included on examinations in higher education? A) Multiple choice questions are easy to write. B) All faculty enjoy the process of creating distractors. C) Students report that multiple choice exams are the best part of their college experience. D) Well written multiple
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Assessment ROI: Improving Retention with Embedded Exams

In the midst of all the talk regarding student loans and the need for greater ROI (return on investment) in higher education, there’s been an increased focus on the issue of retention, especially since the numbers are so troubling. Too many students are failing to graduate from college, and even more are failing to do
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