Eight Ways to Increase Exam Security On Your Campus

When your program recognizes that students are cheating, it inspires frustration and disappointment. But more to the point, it’s a problem you have to solve. Dr. Barbara Blackwell, the Director of Holy Name Medical Center’s School of Nursing, faced that problem recently and set to work with her team to determine how to solve it.
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How Testing Technology Benefits Students

Faculty and administrators could talk about technology in higher education all day long. Every new piece of technology marketed at the higher education space provokes opinions on whether more technology is a good idea. The opinions of educational professionals on this topic certainly matter; however, in order for technology to make a real difference in
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Placing an Emphasis on Assessment within Community Colleges

When the latest recession hit, community colleges saw an increase in enrollment numbers. That trend continued up until the economy started to improve and many of the students that had flocked to community colleges returned to the job force. While enrollment numbers are now on the decline, the popularity of community colleges in those recession
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The Benefits of Question Sharing and Collaboration

Writing test questions that successfully gauge specific learning objectives can be difficult and tedious. For any college that values assessment, successful exams are a must. The stakes for assessment are high, especially when exam analytics will be influencing important curricular decisions. For programs that aim to prepare students for licensure exams, the stakes are even
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