Methods of Creating a Successful Learning Outcome Structure

Accurately assessing how your students are performing is not an easy task. You can write intricate questions and create complex case studies, but none of that will matter if there is no way to measure their success. By far, the most efficient way to accomplish this is through using embedded assessment with a hyper organized
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Implementation & Faculty Onboarding — A Success Story

Lisa Nelsen, from the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry chronicles how she helped her program ease into using a new assessment software. Implementation For years we struggled trying to out maneuver, out think and out game our students when it came to cheating on exams. We needed a better way, a more modern way
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Recent Client Webinars — A Recap

Here at ExamSoft, we get really riled up about bettering education. In fact, we geek out pretty hard when our clients come to us and share the really powerful ways they’re impacting both their, and their student’s lives with something as simple as an embedded assessment. Thus, our webinar series was born, and over the
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Why ExamSoft’s Technology Is Valuable for Medical Schools

There’s a reason ExamSoft is used by 60 percent of the medical schools in the United States. An innovative embedded-assessment system, enhanced exam security, tools that make grading easier—actually, there are quite a few reasons. In fact, ExamSoft includes several features that are particularly useful for medical schools. Portability In medical school, students spend some
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Distance Learning Challenges and Tips

As more and more people in the workforce begin trickling back into academic institutions as students—many of whom have families, professional degrees, and full-time jobs—distance learning has become as integral as ever to an institution’s success. Distance learning is a method of delivering education and instruction that has its roots in correspondence courses but now
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