Strengthen Your Nursing Exams with Multimedia

Nursing is a visual, interactive job. Sure, plenty of the assignments and exams you give in nursing school use reading and writing, but words aren’t enough for nursing students to learn everything they need to know. Nursing school is designed to provide students with plenty of hands-on experience and interactive opportunities to learn beyond the
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AAMC Medical Education Meeting Roundup – #WeAreMedEd

The Association of American Medical Colleges just wrapped up its 2015 Medical Education Meeting in Baltimore after three days packed full of talks and sessions on trends, information, and technology important to today’s medical educators. While the event’s attendees work on recovering from information overload, we went ahead and collected some of the tweets that
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Announcing the 2016 ExamSoft Assessment Conference

You’ve been waiting patiently and we’re excited to finally announce: The second annual ExamSoft Assessment Conference is here! The inaugural ExamSoft Assessment Conference was held last year in Lexington, KY, and was a huge success! Now, we’re proud to announce open registration and a call for proposals for EAC 2016, which will be held in
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How to Write Better Tests: Psychometrics Resource Roundup

When you were a kid taking those dreaded tests in school, you probably never once stopped to think what went into creating them. Anyone that goes into teaching or academia quickly learns that writing exams (at least good ones) is much harder than it looks. And your work isn’t done once a test is written.
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EDUCAUSE 2015 Twitter Roundup

The EDUCAUSE 2015 Annual Conference just wrapped up and many educational professionals are scurrying back to their campuses and offices inspired with new ideas and information to put to use. While the great talks and sessions of the conference are now in the past, a lot of attendees took the time to leave a record
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