Three Reasons Medical Schools Must Invest in Technology

There will always be excuses and reasons to put off investing in new technology or upgrades for the technology you already have. Most medical school programs share the same financial concerns that plague higher education programs worldwide. When it comes to educating the world’s future doctors though, the stakes are too high to let excuses
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Using Data to Keep Students on the Right Career Path

An estimated 20%–50% of students start college without choosing a major, and another 75% switch at some point before graduating. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it takes time for some people to figure out what they’re good at and enjoy; however, it can slow down the educational process and make college more expensive
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Gaining Programmatic Momentum with Rubric Evaluations

At the Western University of Health Sciences–College of Dental Medicine, we were proactive in beta testing ExamSoft’s new rubrics feature in various settings ranging from simulated clinical exams to mock board exams. Rubrics can be used for many different types of grading, including clinical exams, OSCEs, homework assignments, essays, group projects and presentations, and self-
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Adapting to New Accreditation Standards

At the Annual Meeting for the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) last month, you couldn’t go too long without hearing about the upcoming changes to accreditation standards for pharmacy schools. Changes to an accreditation process thoroughly disrupt the current structure and future plans of a higher education program. The knowledge of the changes
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