Closing the Loop with Student Feedback

Every program or institution-wide change that you make has the ultimate goal of helping your students succeed. The performance of individual students plays a key role in the larger success of the program and institution you’re a part of. Nothing that happens at your institution happens in a vacuum. The goals you’re trying to achieve
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Putting the Heart Before the Course

Have you ever designed your own home, or dreamed about your perfect dwelling? When we imagine the home we would like to create for ourselves, we start with where it would be (by the ocean? In a city?) and how it would make us feel once we are in it. Where would our hearts truly
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Creating and Maintaining a Culture of Assessment

It’s easy for a school to talk about implementing a culture of assessment, but it’s not easy for a school to actually implement one unless that school is truly committed to developing a more comprehensive assessment process. After all, the priority for faculty members is working with students and helping them learn, while the process
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Three Ways Data is Improving Higher Ed

Discussions about data and analytics are taking place throughout the business world. Data provides insights into what people do and how they do it. Collecting the right information gives businesses the power to predict what the results of taking certain actions will be, which helps them to make better decisions. What works for businesses can
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